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The Pre-Cut foam of Aluminum Case
The Everrise Aluminum case import CNC technology to cut&sculpture the foam inserts
Aluminum Equipment Case for Optical kits
The Everrise aluminum Equipment case give you an option how to organize and carry your optical kits.
Euromex choose our Aluminum Microscope Case for their Microscopes.
How to organise and carry the Microphone? Our Aluminum Carry Case is nice choice for you.
Aluminum box is various, do you know what kind of aluminum box is most suitable for you?
One, according to the performance,aluminum box can be divided into different air travel box, briefcase and rod box.
Extrusion, extrusion is the means of section bar forming . According to the design of section bar , produce the mold, using extrusion heated circular casting rod extruded from the die forming. Common grade 6063 Alloy in extrusion, when using an air-cooled quenching process and artificial aging process, to complete the heat treatment strengthening. Different grades of heat treatment strengthening alloy, heat treatment system.
One,the concept of a military box
English Name: Military Box, Military Cases, as the name suggests, are mainly used for military products packaging and logistics units.
Reporter verified: the Greentown tenement of Emerald City Jianyang manager says, this "pet toolbox " is only one in the Emerald City , in the whole of Greentown property also is the first, cost 400 yuan, if the pilot effect is good, will be in the Emerald City and other area promotion Greentown property...
Aluminum box, box apparatus, air boxes, aluminum boxes, aluminum case is widely used in various instruments, electronics, communications, automation, sensor equipment boxes, smart card, industrial control, precision machinery...
To the chairman Liao Zhengpin from China Plastics Processing Industry Association as the head of the expert group, visits Yiwu city conforms to declare the "China luggage industry are" conditions....
Aluminum case is applied to aluminum alloy extruded profiles, with the relevant parts of the box.Compared to the other profile box, the aluminum box has the characteristics of aluminum alloy materials, light weight...
The maintenance method of aluminum alloy luggage
1.Recommendations : before storing leather products each time , should do dust cleaning for it. Generally, leather products had better paste cortical maintenance of oil, the oil painted in a clean cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, avoid oil directly to smear on the surface so that stop from injurying to the skin
The global economic changes rapidly, the inevitable requirement of industrial products become more and more technological, more and more high technology products in transportation and conveniently use provides high protection measures. But the traditional simple wooden box packaging transport cannot solve these high-tech products in the long-distance transportation process cannot get effective protection and poor mobility problems.
Now on the market, the price of aluminum alloy box and quality is uneven, differ in thousands of ways. That is how to choose a rugged aluminum alloy box, which also manufactured from aluminum alloy materials above mentioned.
Ingeneral, paint leather only with soft cloth to wipe. The maintenance of shiny leather , please use a little of leather oil dip in the soft cloth, and is slightly pressed on leather friction; matt leather maintenance, usually just cloth swab, if dirt is serious
As a essential additional link industry among the building materials industry ,in recent years, China's aluminum industry also took the rapid economic development of the East and the rapid advance, many specialized in aluminum box product enterprise's development also gradually balanced. Along with our country city changes a course accelerate, the market for building materials products demand soaring.
A reporter reporeted, the Ningbo Everrise Case Ltd can for the development of different models of aluminum products to satisfy with different customer's demand , the customers only need to provide product specification data to Ningbo Everrise Case, Ningbo Everrise Case can assure three days developed samples in access to customer recognition after seven days can be manufactured products available to customers. Because the Ningbo Everrise Case product development speed and quality is guaranteed, thus being counterparts and clients nicknamed " Scud aluminum box development specialist ".
Aluminum tool box is an aluminium alloy, with magnesium and silicon as an alloy element. Overall has good mechanical properties, which can be heat treatment and welding. Because of its structure design is reasonable, professional on meticulous workmanship, and strong bearing capacity durability, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, in the packaging industry has a very wide application.
As one of a indispensable additional link industry among the building materials industry , in recent years, China's aluminum industry also took the rapid economic development of the East and the rapid advance, many specialized in aluminum box product enterprise development also gradually balanced. As a synthesizer in the domestic aluminum industry - the Ningbo Everrise Case Ltd is waiting for the right time, grasp the technology, has provided a large number of excellent quality, style and varied products for domestic building materials market.
Crafts case sheet fabric produced aluminum sheet or import ABS or PVS its skeleton is made of aluminum, the coating oxidation and wear resistance, looks like elegant temperament, the surface of the box body is available in different colors, which can choose various styles of non-woven color or imported EVA material, body styles can be angled or rounded corners.
Splint: High competition leading to part of the peer does not use the materials meeting the design requirements in order to reduce the box price , such as 8mm instead of 9mm plywood, and even worse plates , in which aftere casebox become wet, the sheet will swell, so can no longer use.
Gun case is used military gun items packed in among them, widely used in the military forces of the commonly used instruments, meters, electronics, communication, automation, precision machinery, etc. By using high quality aluminum chassis subject of copper alloy, aluminum- -magnesium-copper zinc is super-hard aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, the structure is strong, beautiful shape, thermal performance is good wait for a characteristic.
Aluminum case is made of aluminum alloy frame, the skeleton is specialized in researching and development of aluminum, the coating, the oxidation treatment, aluminum alloy skeleton strong, wear-resisting, oxidation, looks and easy to have qualitative feeling.
The global economy is developing rapidly, and the inevitable requirement of the industry products more more technology, more and more high scientific and technological content of products for the transport and use the convenient put forward higher protection measures.
Plastic toolbox adopts ABS plastic handle, super type design, high intensity impact resistance lock. Plastic toolbox according to yo durable the contents of clapboard, to facilitate free segmentation store content area.
Buy aluminum briefcases and metal laptop carrying cases online at cheap prices. Browse our wide selection of quality metal cases.We want to provide you with quality aluminum briefcases, laptop cases, packaging / utility cases and sport cases for pistols, rifles and archery at low prices. Each case is manufactured with quality components to assure reliability and longevity for lasting value.
Owing to the quality, our range of aluminum helicopter case is highly demanded by our clients based globally. These Aluminum Helicopter Cases are manufactured using the latest technologies in accordance with the industrial standards.
If there is something you need to carry with you that has to be carried safely as well as stylishly, then what you need is an aluminum carrying case. You can find them made for everything from carrying memory cards to makeup to rifles.
If there is something you need to carry with you that has to be carried safely as well as stylishly, then what you need is an aluminum carrying case. You can find them made for everything from carrying memory cards to makeup to rifles.
It is a flight case/box with the aluminum frame, but leather material. And the most distinctness character of the case/box is trolley and round corner style, it will be a good partner for your trip when you travel
Aluminum tool cases are not just boxes with lids. They are cleverly designed to be customized for your tools and other work necessities. They come with fully adjustable dividers that you can set up yourself to your exact specifications.
The aluminum case with high quality aluminum alloy profile, the structure is strong, good app-earance, easy to use and other characteristics, widely used in beauty salon, tools, jewelry watch-es, combination stage, instrument and meter, electronics, communication, automation, sensors, s-mart cards, industry control, precision machinery, and other industries, is the ideal of high-grade instrument box
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying quality ranges of Aluminum Carrying Case; The best aluminum carrying case with nice and hot design.
Our Aluminium tool case, Aluminium flight case, Equipment case, Helicopter case, aluminium Microscope case and so on are very popular in Middle East and Euro Countries .Especially for the hand tools, air tools and Electronic products company. We supply one good \pack and transport solution for them.